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Our mission is to ensure every guest who visits leaves with a desire to return.  


At River View Restaurant, we pride ourselves on our from-scratch cooking – from our famous Lemon Chicken (made with real juices) to our dumplings and spring rolls. Using only the best ingredients and with no added MSG, we prepare everything fresh each day. And our buffet-style service means our food is “ready when you’re ready.” 


Available for dine-in, takeout and catering, we offer a wide range of authentic Chinese dishes as well as Japanese Sushi and Western Canadian options on our catering menu. 


River View will cater special events of up to 400 guests, we can customize the menu to meet your needs. For smaller groups, combination dinners, such as the “Somebody’s Having a Birthday” or the “Family Pack,” are quick and easy options. When you have a crowd to feed, try the “Buffet-2-Go” combo for the perfect ready-to-go dinner buffet.  


Li Cripps and her late husband Shane opened the original River View Restaurant in Thompson in 2003. Located in a converted airplane hangar along the Burntwood River, the gorgeous views gave the restaurant its name.


Instructors at University College of the North, Li and Shane were both entrepreneurs at heart and eager to have control of their own business. Having emigrated from China, Li learned authentic Chinese recipes from her family, which are still used in the kitchen to this day. 

Li Cripps is the face of River View Restaurant, now located in downtown Thompson. She takes pride in supporting the community and taking part in local initiatives whenever possible. Accommodating special requests and being flexible to meet the needs of her customers are core values. Li is committed to helping other immigrants as well as serving diverse populations, knowing that her own success has come through the backing and acceptance of her community. 

For a taste of authentic Chinese food in the heart of Thompson, come see us today! 


Our Story 

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